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 Département ADOS Traduction
 10, Place de la Joliette
 Les Docks - Atrium 10.8
 BP 59446
 TÚl. (33) (0)4 91 14 04 41
 Fax (33) (0)9 57 81 02 26


Our translators, like our interpreters, are carefully selected not only for their language skills but also for their reliability. And you can be sure that your delivery deadlines will be met.

Each translator translates into his or her mother tongue, and is fully familiar with the subject matter of the documents translated.

Our customers know they can count on us to respond quickly and fulfil our commitments. As soon as we receive your estimate request, ADOS Traduction promises you a reply within 48 hours. Once we receive your order confirmation, we deliver your document within the agreed deadlines.